REALationship Breakdown Philly Style



      Philipé  was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Philipe ventured off in life and has done just about everything under the sun and at the young age of 30, his life is just now thriving.

      He played Arena Football for 3 years with the Steubenville Stampede, Miami- Valley Silverbacks & Wayne County Rumble 2004- 2007. Being a good enough athlete to be invited to the Baltimore Ravens camp 2006. He has been featured in many local and national magazines for his clothing line Kartier` Couture, which was established in late 2007.

      Philipé  has always been involved in things challenging to his body and now he is taking on things challenging to his mind.

      REALationship Breakdown Philly Style started January 1, 2011 via Facebook due to his relationship status and own personal situation. He started venting and putting love on display for the world to see. His experiences and encouragement has helped many and though he may not be an author at heart, he was prompted and encouraged by many friends to write a book, thus giving birth to his new project... REALationship Breakdown Philly Style: Based on Real Life Experiences. 

After coming home from his 2 year deployment in Iraq, he wrote part 2 which is 2 for 1 special with his Fiance and fellow Author, Brandi M. Gooch titled The Black Man's Guide: "If You Knew Better; You'd Do Better!" and The Black Woman's Guide Woman 2 Woman: "Finding Your Way Back to Self- Worth"
      The Author has recently wrote a stage play inspired from the REALationship Breakdown book that is set to hit Cleveland State University (CSU) Main Auditorium Aprill 22 @ 5pm.



     Brandi Gooch was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio, by her Great-Grandmother Willie Mae Gooch. Once she finished high school, she joined the United States Army and began her journey to see the world and venture into womanhood. After completing Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training, her first duty station was Darmstadt, Germany. She enjoyed Germany and traveling so much that she extended another year making three years in Germany. Brandi also reenlisted to stay in the Army another three Years, making a total of six years active duty. She did well in the Army making Sergeant in two years, and in her free time traveled various places in Europe.


      When her tour is Germany was up, it was time to come back stateside. Brandi deployed to Iraq with 101st Airborne Division from 2003 to 2004 during Operation Iraq Freedom. Once she redeployed she came back to Ft. Campbell, KY to finish her enlistment with an honorable discharge in 2005.

      Brandi then return back overseas doing what she loved… supporting the troops and serving her country and also traveling. She was an overseas civilian contractor for five years where she worked in Al- Asad, Iraq and Kabul, Afghanistan and was able to see more of the world visiting parts of Asia and the UAE.

      In 2011 she decided to sit down and write about her life and things she has experienced in relationships and as a woman that spilled over in her book The Blck Woman's Guide Woman 2 Woman: "Finding Your Way Back to Self- Worth" that released Jan.1, 2012. This project was a collaboration with Fiance and fellow Author, Philipe Winston Weeden and his book The Black Man's Guide: "If You Knew Better; You'd Do Better!" which is a 2 for 1 deal.