REALationship Breakdown Philly Style

                                                   RELEASE DATE: Oct. 30, 2011

   Philly Style is based on real life experiences. From failed relationships to a healthy relationship. Philly will breakdown the process of becoming a qualified mate.

In 11 amazing chapters Philly will tell the ins and outs, the good and not so good of a relationship and  provide warning signs to watch out for which could possibly assist you with making decisions that could have a significant impact on your relationship...should you stay or should you go. After receiving Philly's insight on relationships, the choice is ultimately yours to make. 

Secrets" on why men do this and why men say that will give more insight to the women readers. And for the men, Philly has asked some of his closest female friends to give their point of view on each chapter in effort to provide men with first hand information on what women think when we are doing the things that we do.....with that said, this is a MUST read for all genders.

   RBPS Book includes bonus chapters such as: Encouragement by Philly, where he speaks freely from his heart to give people some empowerment in regards to what they may be going through in a relationship and Q & A with Philly, this chapter outlines a series of questions presented to Philly and he breaks it down- Philly Style. Also, he provides answers and suggestions about relationships and the problems thereof. 



Foreword: Introduction to Philly 

           I have had my share of women and bad relationships and what I have come to find out is that women 
      need consistency
more than men need their egos. You get out exactly what you put in, plain and simple!

         Growing up in a single parent home, my mom did the best she could to raise twin boys with little to no 
    help from males.  As I grew older without a role model to look up to, I developed my own sense of who I 
    wanted to become in this little game called life. Like most young men my age, I had to learn about 
    relationships the hard way and how to become a man through life’s experiences

            Males aren’t naturalist when it comes to emotions. Men shelter and channel their emotions through
     activities such as sex, sports, drinking
, smoking, working out, video games or just hanging out. Some men
     never realize that having a
heart to heart with their loved one could be the cure all for any problems in
    the relationship. Why wouldn’t a man take the route of having a heart to heart, it’s communication of
    course, most men do not like to communicate. Communication and disclosing heartfelt thoughts
    let’s our natural walls down for possible hurt or criticism and we don’t like to deal with that!

          Looking back on all my relationships I realize now that communication could have possibly
    resolved a lot of break ups, a failed marriage and healed a lot of hearts that I unfortunately broke. Not
    using this as an excuse but not having a male role model in my life to set an example on how a
    good relationship should be, played a key role in how women were treated that were involved with

           I was the one to keep feelings and emotions bottled in; developed attitudes and cockiness, 
    which eventually resulted in me being alone in the end.

     There is one thing about the majority of men, we never...


“This guy is VERY knowledgeable!!” -M. Williamson

“Smart, Sexy, Funny yet Real”
-Faith Taylor, Author

“Philly’s life is nothing short of interesting” 
-M. Riley

“Once I picked up this book and started reading it, I could not put it down. A great read.”
-Patrick Johnson, PH.D

“It’s amazing that a young man like this has been through so much and is wanting to share and inform his generation as well as the generation that follow”                     
        -Lisa London, Consultants USA     

  –Peter Lowell, Author

A Genuine Man & Soul
Ursla Radmovich, Screen Writer         

"This young man has lived a life of a man twice his age" -Keith Martin

é is so transparent in this book. His experiences is relevant for today's relationships."
J. Willard, Ret. Lt. Col

"BRILLIANT! Loved every bit "
-Rich Jernigan, U.S Embassy