REALationship Breakdown Philly Style

                                                         RELEASE DATE: Jan. 1, 2012
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                                                       Men beware! There is a new breed of women coming!

      Author Brandi Gooch has written a stunning book catered to empower the woman.

     Women, are you seen as weak due to your situation? Have you had relationship problems that always resulted in you being blamed or may have blamed yourself for the reason you are not happy with life? Have you lost something when you were involved? What happened and Why?!

     This AMAZING book has 8 chapters containing your answers including a bonus chapter!! Not only does it bring you to face your denials. It brings you back to the one that matters. YOU!

     Codependent, self- esteem, self-worth, loneliness, labeled as a baby momma, whipped, we can go on and on… These issues effects how we feel about ourselves. The only opinion that should count is YOURS. Find yourself in this book. Let’s become women of virtue, class and style.

                                          “I challenge you to evaluate your situation one by one.” - Brandi M. Gooch






      I was screaming and crying saying all kind of hateful things, I told him to get his things and get out my house! That is exactly what he did; he walked right out the door without a care in the world it seemed. At the time I was so over it, him and other woman, naked pictures, him and his phone, all I wanted was a normal relationship, I wanted a family. I wanted to feel loved, needed and like I was the only woman in his life.

      I do know I was not an easy partner at the time, all I ever did was sit and wonder and think who and what he was doing and why was he gone all day. There were times when we were in the house and we never said anything to each other and when we did it was me nagging about what he was doing in the streets. I drove myself crazy trying to find ways to catch him in what I thought he was doing, trying to find his phone, and break into his email.

      Looking back on it, I am not proud of that because if I felt like it was that bad then why not just leave. I sat around making myself unhappy and him as well. I can only imagine how it had to be for him to have an insecure woman to come home to every day and all we did was argue and when we were not arguing we were walking around the house doing the silent treatment. It was clear that it was not a happy household.

      I never seen myself as insecure until...



WOW! It brings me such joy to have read this book “  -Ryan Becks

VERY inspirational and encouraging!”   -Laura G., Mary Kay Rep.

This was what I needed to read. I thank you!!!”   -Paula Jones, Evangelist

This is HIGHLY recommended in this world or ours!”  -R. Kline, PH.D

Interesting Read!” –La’Michael Johnson, Sports Agent

“This book has SO MANY things that we all as women have experienced. I LOVE IT!!!” – Debra V., Reader

“I personally never heard of the young lady that wrote this book, but I will look out for more of her books in the future. Nice read!!”   – Shawna Johnston, Reader

Thank you for allowing me to preview this book! I can’ wait until it releases!” – B. Harper, International Column

“It’s nice to see an ex-soldier writing about things that matter to the women. Much blessings, hooah!” 
                                                                  -SSgt. White, CID Iraq

Whoa! I needed this book. I can relate to ALL of these situations. “   - Nancy Walker, Editor

This is an AMAZING book! To display our problems right in front of us women that struggle with being in denial.” –L. Wilson, DOD Contractor 

“I wish this Author would have written this book 10 years ago! Highly Recommended! ”
-Carol Adler, Dept. of State

I thought my life was all together until I read some interesting things inside of this book. It amazes me the talents God has blessed us with. I will look for more books from this young lady in the near future and maybe see her speaking somewhere encouraging so many women and young ladies in this world. Good luck. Great read!”  -Kimberly Love, Middle School Teacher

This woman has had an interesting life. So proud to see her put it in front of us to read and learn from it. Best wishes to her.”  –Paula Roberts, Freelance Writer